7. November 2019

Back-office Automation

In addition to forwarding the measurement data to the analysis tools and storing them in databases and clouds, we also enable you to forward the machine data to the commercial departments. We can save and archive your data in our digital archive as well as in special storage facilities. You also can user our solutions to automate the creation of entry documents and the capture of information in paper form by our scanners. Our solutions in the area of Robotic Process Automation also enable you to automate manual, routine input activities.


Document Management System / Archive

With the help of document management systems and archives, you can archive your measurement data in an audit-proof manner. This means that the data is retained in its original form and is also captive, unchangeable and can be evaluated automatically. It is also available immediately and seamlessly at any time. Via the clear user interface of our self-developed document management system and archive softgate archiv, you can conveniently access your information at any time. For an even higher security of your data, we recommend the combination of archive and special storage.
What is softgate archiv? What are the benefits of a DMS for me?
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Storage in special storage facilities

In addition to revision-proof archiving in softgate archiv, it is possible to store your data in FAST LTA’s so-called Silent Cubes or Silent Bricks. These are special memories for to revision-proof and EU-DSGVO compliant archiving. We recommend a combination of archive and special memories.
How much disk space do these memories offer? What are the advantages of such a special memory?
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Automated Generation of Entry Documents

When transferring the measurement data to the storage systems, entry documents can be created based on these data. Acquisition solutions help to extract the relevant data automatically. They are then entered in the entry documents. These can be made available to your employees either electronically or in printed form. The Kofax entry and automation solutions are ideally suited for the automated entry of relevant information. As a Kofax partner with platinum status, we are always happy to use these solutions for customer projects.
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Scanners allow you to quickly capture and share paper documents and information. With the help of our high-performance scanners from renowned manufacturers, we enable you to process a large number of documents quickly. By categorizing our wide selection, you will surely find the perfect scanner according to your needs.
Which scanner categories does softgate offer? Which scanner suits me best?
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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the automation of manual, routine, and recurring (input) activities using software robots. The associated increase in productivity and quality results in high savings potentials in the handling of work processes. For example, you can use Robotic Process Automation to extract the measurement data required for evaluation from the storage media.
How does RPA work? What are the advantages of RPA?
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Your Additional Benefit

  • Rounding off the storage process with our audit-proof archiving portfolio
  • Automated creation of entry documents
  • Forwarding of measuring data
  • Simplification of activities by using RPA

    Our Services at a Glance:

  • Advice on election of suitable communication protocols
  • Implementation of communication protocols
  • Integration of your Beckhoff IPC into your machinery
  • Configuration of your Beckhoff IPC
  • Storage of measurement data locally or in the cloud
  • Revision-safe archiving
  • Connection to third-party systems
  • Automated capture
  • Transfer of measurement data
  • Our SOMA platform
  • Analytical approach
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Predictive maintenance evaluation system