31. August 2017

DICOM consulting services and validation

DICOM softgateOur specialists for medical communication standards have both, the theoretical background and many years of practical experience in the field of interfaces in the clinical environment. We are happy to contribute this knowledge to your projects. We will tailor the range of our offer to your specific needs:


You want to build up knowledge about workflows and interfaces in healthcare IT in your company? We offer individual workshops for which we prepare ourselves intensively together with you. Not a frontal event with standard content, but specially tailored to your needs and interactive. The contents address marketing, sales, development, testing, and support as required.

Consulting and Support

You have specific questions regarding the implementation of DICOM-/HL7-/IHE interfaces? Do you need support in creating the DICOM Conformance Statement? Take advantage of the expertise of our team on an ad hoc basis. Upon request, we will also accompany you to customer meetings for project discussions or error analyses.

DICOM Validation

You want to implement a DICOM interface in your product? With a comprehensive collection of test tools, we simulate communication partners and evaluate the conformity and practical suitability of your implementation as well as the quality of your DICOM Conformance Statement.

Subjects of validation are :

  • Conformity of your DICOM network interfaces with the DICOM standard, esp. your system’s behavior in case of unexpected events (time-out, error messages from the remote terminal). Our test environment covers every error situation defined in DICOM.
  • Correct transfer of worklist attributes into images or MPPS messages.
  • Conformity of DICOM objects generated by your system
  • Practicality according to typical workflows (not everything optional in DICOM will be dispensable in practical use)
  • Interfaces consistent with their description in the DICOM Conformance Statement

DICOM Validation softgate
Testing will be performed either in your premises, in our laboratory, or remotely via internet. You will receive a validation protocol of the test cases performed and recommendations for changes of your interface or your documentation, if applicable.

“In 2016, softgate validated the DICOM interface of our PIEZOLITH 3000plus device. The cooperation was friendly, efficient and fruitful – the validation report provided by softgate outlined a few issues which could have caused serious issues in practice. After fixing the issues and releasing the software, the DICOM interface of the PIEZOLITH 3000plus works reliably in various worldwide installations.”

Peter Schneider, SW-Development ESWL / ESWT, Richard Wolf GmbH

Are you interested in our services for healthcare IT interfaces or do you have any questions?