15. May 2017

Imaging Systems and Connectivity for Medical Systems

Connecting Endoscopic Devices into the World of DICOM

Software for ophthalmologic



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Services for Medical Technology


Images and videos taken by an endoscopic camera can be recorded, displayed, stored and plaid back using softgate’s IMAGINGplatform and IMAGINGpipeline. Management of patient data and medical examination data as well as integration in the clinical or medical workflow via DICOM can be achieved using DICOMconnect.


In ophthalmology, a lot of measuring devices are used. Systems like phoropters, refractometers, tonometers, and pachymeters mainly generate a dataset with patient specific measurements. In addition, some imaging methods exist, such as fundus photography or OCT, producing image data. All these data found their way into DICOM. DICOMconnect allows for a standardized connection of these examination procedures to medical archives or workstations.


In dental imaging, there are more imaging techniques than just x-ray technology, intraoral cameras for example. Using the softgate solutions, you can connect your systems to medical information systems or medical archives. The connection may either use DICOM or VDDS-Media.


You can’t imagine radiology without connectivity via DICOM. For this very reason, it is important for manufacturers to use efficient connectivity solutions such as DICOMconnect. IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) describes in detail the clinical workflow in the field of x-ray and is to be taken into account when developing software for radiography. All of these have been implemented in the development of our medigate platform with its components IMAGINGpipeline, IMAGINGplatform, and DICOMconnect.

What about ME?

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Also for applications in veterinary medicine, DICOMconnect supports the relevant mandatory attributes like name of the keeper or machine readable coded race of the animal.