20. March 2017

Industrial Digitalization and Smart Factory

Predictive Maintenance with Condition Monitoring



Customer-Specific Software

SOMA – Recording and Processing of Machine Data

From planning to smart factory – softgate’s software solutions support industrial digitalization.

  1. Vision
    Vision is the beginning. What kind of digitalization is possible, what kind of digitalization is reasonable? We would be happy to advise you on concepts and show possible solutions: concrete approaches as Predictive Maintenance and Energy Management Systems, or projects of generic nature as cost reduction or process optimization.
  2. Prototype
    With our expertise and long-term project competency, we create a prototype for your ideas – with our self-developed, professional tools within a very short time and thus allow reliable conclusions for the following phases.
  3. Data Acquisition
    The first raw data, such as machine data or data from measuring devices, will be acquired and fed into the system.
  4. Visualization
    You choose your optimum from our many visualization options. In addition, alert conditions may be set up or notations for wear parts will be worked out.
  5. Live Operation
    After successful implementation and test runs, the solution will go into live-operation; and your vision of digital production will be implemented successfully.