6. April 2017

SOMA – Recording and Processing of Machine Data

Industry 4.0, Big Data, Internet of Things. The terms and buzzwords for networked and intelligent production are manifold. With SOMA, softgate provides a software solution for recording, visualization, and evaluation of data. Data sources as well as areas of application are virtually unlimited. Any machine that delivers data by nature or maybe by retrofit sensors can be connected to SOMA by plug & play. And this is the exact point of the buzzwords mentioned at the beginning: Linking of machines to powerful IT systems. Based on the extracted data, these IT systems are able to create relations which allow prognoses or trends about machine or tool wear, product quality, or power consumption.

SOMA uses modular hardware and thus allows an easy connection of a single machine or even a machine cluster. Central data storage provides customized comparisons or evaluations of a single machine or a machine group. By using the latest web technology and safety technology, worldwide access to your recorded and analyzed production machine data is possible.

SOMA offers hard- and software for the following application areas:

  • Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring
  • Energy management and energy monitoring
  • Process data and quality control


The modules mentioned above have an alerting system which allows notification either on mobile device or on desktop PCs.

Further functionalities are:

  • Creating user groups and profiles
  • Notifications within the company LAN (notification of available staff, data security)
  • Confirmation of alert acceptance
  • Optimum response times