15. May 2017

Connecting Endoscopic Devices into the World of DICOM

DICOM is THE standard when it comes to digital imaging or communication in the healthcare sector. The medium-term outlook in hospital IT: A central and comprehensive electronic patient record in which all workflow data, check-up data, and treatment data are available. This requires a continuous exchange of data of every system involved. Many hospitals already consider compatibility with clinical workflows and IT environment a must-have.

Connecting Endoscopic Devices into the World of DICOM

Endoscopy device manufacturers are faced with the challenge to connect their products to the World of DICOM. This you can’t manage without special expertise. For that, softgate offers their solution DICOMconnect. Manufacturers thus do not need to invest in training of their staff in the complex DICOM standard and the time-intensive and highly complex development of their own interface solution.


  • Retrieval of patient data or treatment data for planned examinations (Modality Worklist)
  • Status reports on the examination progress, linking to acquired images or videos (Modality Performed Procedure Step – MPPS)
  • Support of endoscopy-specific DICOM formats for images and videos, Visible Light Endoscopic Image and Video Endoscopic Image (Storage)
  • Transfer of responsibility for long-time storage of images and videos to the PACS (Storage Commitment)
  • Has been developed as safety class B component as per ISO 62304 und ISO 14971