7. November 2019

Test system

Our test system is a realization of our SOMA platform with the frequently requested features vibration analysis and data comparisons based on analog input values.
We offer you to use our test system to get an impression of the functionality of our specially developed SOMA platform.

This rental is particularly suitable for:

  • Specific measuring task based on vibration, spindle and bearing monitoring
  • Impression of your analog measured values (e.g. drive monitoring)
  • Understanding of your data and its benefits (What does my data look like? How are they developing?)

Hardware Key data:

  • Industry PC with 40 GB SSD and local data base for the analysis of historical data
  • Connection of two vibration sensors (IEPE)
  • 4-channel analog input terminal, e.g. for temperature sensors or pressure sensors
  • 3-phase power measurement terminal for the connection of transformers
  • 2-channel digital input terminal with oversampling 24 V DC, e.g. speed sensors
  • Energy Management - consumption comparison of different measurements