21. March 2017

GDT Bridge – Connecting Medical Systems

GDT Anbindung für Ophthalmologische Geräte

Unified interface between medical devices and medical
information systems

What is GDT?
GDT is a specific German standard for the exchange of data between medical information systems and medical devices in doctor’s practices. GDT can be translated as „Device Data Transfer”.

What is „GDT Bridge“?
A lot of vendors offer medical devices. These devices have interfaces in order to communicate with other medical software systems. This communication can be one- or bidirectional. It isused for transmission of patient-demographic data from one information system to a device or for transmission of measured values from device to a medical information system.
The challenge is: Nearly all medical information systems offer a GDT interface, but there are a lot of medical devices having different or vendor-specific interfaces. The solution: The GDT Bridge connects medical devices to information systems just by simple configuration and avoids expensive software development.


  • Simple connection of medical devices to medical information systems, optometrist’s point-of-sale software, and others
  • Only one single GDT interface instead of different device dependent interfaces
  • Supported protocols: serial, XML, DICOM
  • Vendor specific protocols will be converted to GDT (3.0 & 2.1)
  • GDT output to network or file in order to connect medical information systems, optometrist’s point-of-sale software, and others
  • Bidirectional communication
  • Available for Windows and Linux operating system
  • Supports DICOM