13. January 2021

HL7 Interface – HL7 connect

HL7 Schnittstelle von softgate

Interoperability in medicine is becoming increasingly important due to digitization and new normalization. Medical device manufacturers face the challenge of integrating their devices into clinical IT and supporting data exchange. The connection and communication of medical devices with the master data systems HIS (Hospital Information System) is nowadays a must-have to stay competitive. The HL7 standard is used internationally for this purpose. It is necessary to provide an HL7 interface for the medical device.

However, the familiarization with HL7 and the connection at the customer’s hospital usually turns out to be a complex process. To make this process as simple as possible, we have developed HL7connect.

HL7connect is a software component developed by softgate for the integration of medical devices into clinical IT using HL7. The exchange of patient master data as well as the data collected by your medical device is done by the component. Thus, manufacturers of medical devices can stay focused on their competence and benefit from the advantages of HL7connect.

Benefit from the advantages of HL7connect – HL7 Interface:

Competitiveness through integration Short Time-to-Market Low regulatory burden Cost-friendly pay-per-device model
HL7 Integration HL7 Time-to-Market HL7 regulatorischer Aufwand HL7 kostengünstig
Reach more customers through integration with clinical IT (especially HIS, EHR) Fast availability through easy integration with your device software and then to clinical IT Developed according to medical device guidelines to meet regulatory requirements (MDR) Only field activated devices require a license

The features of the HL7 interface at a glance:

  • Sending and receiving HL7 messages
  • Exchange file-based or directly via network (TCP – HL7 MLLP protocol)
  • Free configuration of parameters for data transfer and thus adaptable to the terminology of the medical device and the end user (e.g. hospital)
  • Use of different HL7 versions and dialects (e.g. medical device 2.5 <-> HIS 2.7)
  • Consulting and support

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