7. November 2019

IPC Based Controls

With IPC based controllers, you can control your machinery and equipment by entering PLC commands into the industrial PC, which serves as CPU. In this way, you can control or even automate your entire machinery. For example, you can automatically switch your machines on and off or set their optimum working speed. Thus, in any case, you will save energy and money.

Required Components and Modes of Operation

You will need a powerful Industrial PC with real-time capable control software as well as a high performance fieldbus connection to machine sensors and actuators.

The Industrial PC with the control software is connected to the fieldbus. If you want to control your machine via Industrial PC, enter the code command in the IPC. The IPC transmits the instructions to the actuators of your individual machine or your machine park via the fieldbus. You can use the code command to have the measurement data of the sensors delivered to the IPC via the bus system. It is also possible to give instructions for carrying out an active machine task (e.g. movement of the gripper arm).

Our Recommendation

In our customer projects, we prefer to use industrial PCs from Beckhoff. TwinCAT 3 is the latest software generation from Beckhoff for PC-based control technology.

We have summarized the useful features of TwinCAT 3 for you as follows::

  • The scope of functions is extended by the special subroutines
  • TwinCAT Kinematic Transformation-Library allows a mapping of robots
  • Robots can be seamlessly integrated into PC controls
  • TwinCAT supports various parallel and serial kinematics
  • Modular design of the extended runtime and pre-defined interfaces allow mapping of the various device controls on the central control hardware