7. June 2017

medigate – software for medical devices

Integration ensures advantage

Imagine a software platform for development of medical devices in imaging and other techniques. Via DICOM Worklist the platform digitally receives administrative data to set up an examination. (Image-) data, acquired during the examination, are optimized, linked to the patient’s da-ta and displayed on the device to be used in diagnosis and treatment. Relevant data of previous examinations or treatments can be retrieved directly from the electronic health record (EHR) to the medical device, where they are processed and displayed. Finally the newly acquired data are passed to the EHR and archived.
medigate was developed dedicatedly to be used in medical devices, according to the applicable standards (ISO 13485, ISO 62304, ISO 14971). Since medigate is composed of modules each of its components can be used according to your demand. The field of application covers different areas of medical imaging such as endoscopy, dentistry, ophthalmology, microscopy, ultrasound or radiology.

Digital Image Processing

The imaging pipeline receives and processes digital images:

  • Processing of raw images with a special focus on correction of distortions, lighting and defective pixels as well as a clinical relevant image enhancement.
  • Use of newest technologies: Super-resolution extracts a high resolution image from a series of low resolution images.
  • Your advantage: Optimal diagnosis based on excellent image quality.

Data- & Workflow- Handling

The imaging platform manages digital image data:

  • Management including relevant meta information and display properties.
  • Preparation of data to be displayed on the examination system.
  • A separate multi planar reformation (MPR) module implements the reconstruction of cross-sectional images from a MR or CT data set.
  • Your advantage: All medical data relevant to the healthcare professio-nals is available at a glance directly at the device.

Easy DICOM integration

DICOMconnect realizes the data transfer between medical systems:

  • Patient’s data and scheduled examinations are queried via DICOM Worklist from a HIS or image data from preliminary examinations are received from a DICOM archive.
  • Generated image- and meta-data are wrapped as a DICOM-conformant message and sent to a DICOM archive for long-term archiving
  • Your advantage: Seamless integration into the medical workflows and EHR.