17. July 2018

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance Software SOMA
Predictive Maintenance supports your monitoring the machine service life. You will find out how your machines work, when they really need maintenance, and what measures you can take to extend your machines’ service life.

Our SOMA software platform supports your Predictive Maintenance implementation, works machine-independent, and is arbitrarily scalable.

The Reason why Predictive Maintenance will Outmode Traditional Maintenance Approaches

Traditional maintenance approaches, such as cyclical maintenance services defined by machine manufacturers, only seldom show the real status of the installations. The different areas of application or intensities of production have a considerable effect on their service life. Therefore, maintenance is either too early or too late.

Whereas costs for premature machine maintenance might be acceptable but unnecessary, a machine breakdown can have serious consequences. In addition to downtime costs, market position or customer confidence are suffering. On top, you will have high personnel costs for time-consuming and training-intensive plant-specific maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance allows a real-time lifetime or maintenance forecast based on machine data. Machine sensors or programmable logic controller (PLC) provide a large number of real-time data. These data are collected and prepared and give an insight into the current operating status; also called Condition Monitoring. In doing so, you will be able to recognize anomalies at short-term and react in time.

To be PRO-ACTIVE instead of RE-ACTIVE, Predictive Maintenance enables long-term analysis. Based on the collected data and in comparison with current production intensities, the software creates a time-related prediction of the service life of a machine or its components. As a trigger, maintenance recommendations or alarms are automatically sent to the responsible maintenance personnel. In addition, all current or historical data as well as the service life forecast can be retrieved in a configurable dashboard on any terminal via browser. The touch of a button will generate a dynamic maintenance plan.

Ablauf Predictive Maintenance Software SOMA


  • You can identify and fix a machine problem when it occurs
  • Machine-individual maintenance plans will increase the machine life
  • Dynamic maintenance plans will reduce maintenance costs
  • Production pauses will be limited to maintenance times only and can be optimally planned
  • More profitable production, high customer satisfaction, and a better competitive position
  • Installation on premise – sensitive production data will stay with the user
  • Data acquisition via sensors (e.g. power, position, speed, acceleration, oscillation, temperature) or directly from machine plc
  • Scalable software solution for use in almost every size of production
  • Also suitable for retrofit of older installations due to the software architecture
  • Fast machine integration by SOMA Designer

What is the status of Predictive Maintenance in your company?

At a Glance:

  • Scalable software solution for use on premise
  • Machine independent and suitable for retrofit
  • Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance with long-term analysis
  • Configurable dashboard for analysis and alerts for an optimum overview
  • Dynamic maintenance plan oat the push of a button

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