6. August 2020

Release: softgate publishes new version of DICOM integration software for medical systems DICOMconnect

Erlangen, August 5, 20 – The Erlangen-based software specialists of softgate today have released the new version of DICOMconnect. With this release, softgate further expands its position as a DICOM interface provider. Medical device manufacturers can now connect nearly all device types more efficiently to the image and communication standard through a simplified DICOM object creation. Thus, an integration into the clinical workflow becomes a mere formality for device manufacturers.

To meet the growing requirements for the comprehensive availability of medical documentation within and outside the collecting institutions, medical devices need interoperable interfaces. These are usually based on the DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) and HL7 (Health Level 7) standards. However, mastering the complexity of these standards and their practical application is usually beyond the core competence of the manufacturers.

Since 2015, softgate facilitates the connection of medical devices with DICOMconnect. The software component developed according to ISO 13485 offers manufacturers an easy integration into the respective device software. Due to the standard-compliant development and certification as medical device security class B, DICOMconnect eliminates nearly all regulatory efforts.

“The new version will meet the large number of customers and inquiries. It allows, among other comfort features, the easy creation of so-called specific DICOM objects without deep knowledge of the DICOM standard. This saves time and costs during implementation, and significantly reduces the Time to Market. As we have already demonstrated at several events, DICOMconnect allows to program a functional DICOM integration in less than one hour”, says Markus Sabin, Product Owner DICOMconnect and Connectivity Consultant at softgate.

A corresponding component for implementing an HL7-based device interface is nearing completion; we expect the start of a pilot operation before the end of this year.

For more information about DICOMconnect, click here