7. November 2019

Alert Management Software

Alert Software

Alarmmanagement von softgateToday, production and other industries are loaded with technology to automate workflows and thus improve competitiveness. In spite of high-performance and high-tech systems, still unexpected errors or breakdowns may occur. In order to be able to react in a short time, softgate also offers alarm management software.

For automated monitoring of your machines and systems, you can assign limit values to each monitored component. Using the traffic light system of our SOMA platform, you can visualize the status of the systems. If a value exceeds the set limit, our alert software can automatically notify your employees by SMS or e-mail.

You can define responsibilities by creating user groups and profiles. So you can define yourself who may activate, change or delete limit values. The software only uses the company WLAN. This has the significant advantage that only reachable employees are notified and all data remains within the company.


Our Service for YOU:

  • Creating of user groups and profiles
  • Notification in your company network only (notification of reachable employees and data security)
  • Confirmation of alarm acceptance
  • Optimum response times
  • installation and commissioning by our specialized employees