7. November 2019

Energy Monitoring Software

Intelligent Energy Monitoring for Production

Energy management in accordance with ISO 50001 opens up a wide range of potential savings for companies. Users benefit not only from tax advantages, but also above, all they benefit from energy cost savings. Energy monitoring is a fundamental element of energy management. This operative component records the necessary data of the measuring points and prepares it for analysis. SOMA Energy Monitoring supports you both in complying with ISO 50001 and in independently monitoring your energy resources.

SOMA recognizes energy meters in your company producer-independently and can assign them. You can generate comparative reports from the values determined according to different needs – according to periods, machines, buildings or organizational structures. In addition, SOMA Energy Monitoring offers the possibility of specific cost comparisons. It is also possible to configure, visualize, and analyze correlations between different measured values.

To optimize the production process, existing production orders will be linked with energy monitoring data. SOMA Energy Monitoring determines the energy consumption per part produced and calculates the predicted energy consumption for the entire production order.

Our Service for YOU:

  • SOMA Energy Monitoring
  • Producer-independent detection of energy meters
  • Comparison reports for periods, machines, buildings and organizational structures
  • Determination of energy consumption per product via process data integration
  • Correlation of different measured values per configuration
  • Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI)
  • ISO 50001-compliant solution