31. August 2017

Software Engineering for Medical Technology

We develop customer-specific software for your medical device. In terms of personalized medicine, the patient’s data is needed on almost every device that collects images, videos or other medical data directly from  the patient. From the clinical environment, these are queried by the device together with the order to be carried out using DICOM as a worklist.

The performance of the examination or measurement, recording of data, their display, analysis, and findings should lead to a reliable diagnosis. If necessary, it is also possible to query data from previous examinations using DICOM Query/Retrieve.

Data generated on the system is transferred to an image archive (PACS, EMR, EHR) or another medical information system via DICOM Store. DICOM MPPS conveys the status of the examination, while DICOM Storage Commitment ensures the security of data archiving.

With our ISO 13485-certified quality management process and our experienced developers, we implement your software according to your specific requirements.

We accompany you from definition of requirements and creation of use cases, specification of the system’s functions, the risk analysis and specification of the software architecture to implementation, verification, and validation of the software.

After acceptance of the software, our team will be happy to take over responsibility for software maintenance and support in order to keep it up-to-date.