7. November 2019

Storage and Transfer of Measurement Data

After recording, your measurement data can be stored in data management systems, transferred to evaluation and visualization tools, or be transmitted directly via edge devices. Edge devices can buffer measurement values (e.g. sensor data) and then transport them directly to the evaluation and visualization tools via various networks. Without Edge devices, data transmission takes place by means of appropriate communication protocols. There are several ways to store the data.

Firstly, you may save your measurement data locally in files or databases to your IPC hard drive or your server. The advantage here is that you have stored your information locally in-house and an import and export of the data through our specified software is possible at any time. We will guide you in selecting and customizing of the most suitable database for you from a selection of different commercial databases.

As well, it is possible to set up cloud structures and then save the data on an external server. This way, you will not have to purchase and administrate your own server. Upon request, we will connect SOMA to your cloud. SOMA supports cloud applications.

We also offer connecting your data stream to already existing third-party systems (e.g. ERP systems, MES, as SAP PM, or others) as a REST service. Evaluated information on resource and material planning can be entered in these systems, thus simplifying your controlling.

Our solutions for Back-office Automation will simplify the secure storage (e.g. in our document management system softgate-archiv) as well as the transfer to your administration and sales-oriented departments.

Storage and Transfer Process

We provide our solutions as web server or desktop applications. These are notable for their high availability and the possibility of tuning.


Your Additional Benefit

  • Technical organization around the storage of your process data
  • Installation of your databases on the server or in the cloud
  • Database configuration
  • Transfer of measurement data

    Our Services at a Glance:

  • Advice on election of suitable communication protocols
  • Implementation of communication protocols
  • Integration of your Beckhoff IPC into your machinery
  • Configuration of your Beckhoff IPC
  • Storage of measurement data locally or in the cloud
  • Revision-safe archiving
  • Connection to third-party systems
  • Automated capture
  • Transfer of measurement data
  • Our SOMA platform
  • Analytical approach
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Predictive maintenance evaluation system