DICOMconnect – DICOM Functionalities for Medical Systems – DICOM Interface

Interoperability with DICOM

In the course of digital transformation in healthcare, the DICOM standard is finding its way into new fields of application. Mainly known from radiology so far, digital imaging and DICOM communication is spreading into e.g. endoscopy, microscopy, ophthalmology, or dermatology. Innovative manufacturers of medical devices are now facing the new challenge of providing DICOM interfaces needed by DICOM communication to these devices. This challenge you cannot meet without specific expertise. softgate’s solution DICOMconnect permits medical devices a comfortable connection to the world of DICOM. Manufacturers thus spare the familiarization with the complex DICOM standards as well as a time-consuming development of their own DICOM interface solution.

Take advantage of all DICOMconnect Benefits

Competitiveness through Integration

Reach more customers due to integration in clinical IT (esp. HIS, PACS, EPR)


Fast availability by easy integration into your device software and subsequently into the clinical IT

Low Regulatory Effort

Designed according to guideline for medical devices to meet the regulatory requirements (MDR/MDD)

Cost-friendly Pay per Device concept

Only devices activated in the field will need a license

DICOM Library for Medical Systems – THE universal DICOM Interface

DICOMconnect is a library and expands medical systems software by a DICOM interface. The focus lies in easy usage and integration. Unlike conventional DICOM toolkits, the developer will need no advanced DICOM knowledge to use DICOMconnect. As a universal DICOM interface for medical devices, DICOMconnect operates platform-independently on a Windows, Linux, or Mac basis.

The Advantages of softgate’s DICOMconnect at a Glance:

  • Retrieval of patient data or planned medical examinations per work list
  • Feedback of the examination status via MPPS
  • Creating or forwarding DICOM images, DICOM videos, and PDFs from raw data
  • Archiving and transfer of responsibility to PACS per Storage Commitment
  • Writing or reading DICOM data from data storage mediums
  • Security via TLS
  • Permanent updating and active reporting
  • Modular design for scalable functionality
  • Easy integration without deeper DICOM knowledge
  • Various integration options for almost any common operating system (Windows, Linux, MacOS) and device software environments
  • Designed as a safety class B component according to
    ISO IEC 62304 und ISO 14971, including integrated risk control measures
  • Consulting and Support

Success Stroys with DICOMconnect

Major Japanese manufacturer of ophthalmic devices
DICOM connection of various ophthalmic devices (e.g. OCT), export of acquisition findings to PACS/EHR
human medicine, ophthalmology, connectivity of medical imaging devices

major manufacturer of X-ray systems in France
DICOM for a digital X-ray system
human medicine, radiology, export of acquisition findings to PACS/EHR

German manufacturer of an operating microscope
DICOM for a digital operating microscope
human medicine, surgery; requesting and receiving relevant radiology exam data for planning inner ear surgery

Acteon Sopro
DICOM for dental X-ray and intraoral endoscopy
human and veterinary medicine, dental, export of acquisition results to PACS/EPA

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