Minimal regulatory effort
Competitive edge through integration
Cost-effective pay-per-activation model

Interoperability in medicine is becoming increasingly important due to digitization, the new normal. Medical device manufacturers are faced with the challenge of integrating their devices into hospital IT and supporting data exchange. In order to remain competitive nowadays, it is essential for medical devices to connect and communicate with the master data systems of a HIS (hospital information system). The HL7® standard is used across the world in this regard. Medical devices require an HL7® interface.

However, learning all about HL7®, and the customer’s connection on site in the hospital usually prove to be a complex process. To make this as easy as possible, we have developed 7connect.

7connect is a software component developed by softgate for integrating medical devices into hospital IT using HL7®. Patient master data and data collected from your medical device is exchanged by the component. This allows manufacturers of medical devices to remain focused on their core operations and to leverage the benefits of 7connect.

Competitive edge through integration

Reach more customers through integration into hospital IT (especially HIS, PACS, EPA)


Fast availability through simple integration into your device software and then clinical IT

Minimal regulatory effort

Developed in compliance with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) to meet regulatory requirements

Cost-effective pay-per-activation model

Only devices activated in the field require a license

Development in compliance with the highest safety class

Developed in accordance with Safety Class C under IEC 62304, making it suitable for integration into highly critical systems.

The features of the HL7® interface:

  • Send and receive HL7® messages
  • File-based or direct exchange via the network (TCP – HL7® MLLP protocol)
  • Open configuration of parameters for data transfer, adaptable to the terminology of the medical device and the end customer (e.g., hospital)
  • Use of different HL7® versions and dialects (e.g., medical device 2.5 <-> HIS 2.7)
  • Advice and support

Interoperability in medical technology integration into clinical workflows


Download detailed information on interoperability for medical devices: “Interoperability in Medical Technology Integration into Clinical Workflows”

What we have achieved for our customers

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