Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

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Networking medical systems and devices opens up new fields of application and possibilities for capturing and evaluating patient data. The traditional approach of using medical devices in hospitals or at the doctor’s office for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes is being extended to include a point-of-care element thanks to the “Internet of Medical Things.”

As a result, important patient data, e.g., from digital scales, blood glucose meters, pacemakers, blood pressure monitors, and many more devices can be transferred directly to digital patient records without the patient having to go to a facility. The patient’s physician can then be given a complete picture of the patient, making it possible to optimize the diagnosis and treatment.

Thanks to our extensive project expertise built up over many years in the field of medical communication and data standards, we can provide targeted support for your vision. As an ISO 13485- and ISO 9001-certified manufacturer, we operate in a wide range of medical disciplines.

This, combined with our experience in handling safety-critical medical applications up to Safety Class C (IEC 62304), makes us a strong, reliable partner for developing and advising on customized solutions.

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Real-life use case

Interaction of pacemaker, blood pressure devices and smartphone app

In the care of patients with heart failure with a specific smartphone app and a medical care center in the background, data from pacemakers are needed in addition to data such as blood pressure and SpO2.

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Medical Solutions Team Leader

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