Development of embedded user interfaces/GUI

Embedded user interface/GUI – the conduit between medical devices and humans

Operating a medical device requires a user interface, which must meet many different requirements: From the technical implementation and consideration of all necessary use cases, to usability and acceptance in the field. Consequently, the design of the user interface plays a significant role in the success of the medical device on the market.

Various requirements must be taken into account, such as prior selection of the RTOS and the safety class in which the medical device is categorized.

Thanks to our extensive project expertise built up over many years, we can develop real-time applications and embedded user interfaces on a targeted basis. As an ISO 13485- and ISO 9001-certified manufacturer, we operate in a wide range of hardware environments, from microprocessors to custom hardware using common communication systems.

This, combined with our experience in handling safety-critical medical applications up to Safety Class C (IEC 62304), makes us a strong, reliable partner for developing and advising on customized solutions. To top it all, we also create specifications at all levels of the development process.

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Download detailed information on QNX in medical technology: “Foundational Software Solutions for Medical Devices”

As a leading manufacturer of real-time operating systems (RTOS), Blackberry QNX is well-established in the field of medical technology, with more than 300 million safety-critical systems. In addition to ensuring minimal downtime, the QNX Neutrino RTOS also guards against cyberattacks. This makes it ideal for use in system development up to IEC 62304 Safety Class C.

As an ISO 13485-certified manufacturer, we offer custom software development for medical technology, including on the basis of Blackberry QNX software. As an official Value-Added Integrator (VAI), our range of services includes both further development of existing systems and redevelopment in accordance with customer requirements on the basis of Blackberry QNX.

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Ulrich Köstner

Embedded Systems Division Manager