Digital Mailroom

Your tool for comprehensive automated document management

An office with digital, automated document management is an office with a future. A digital mailroom that allows relevant data and documents to be found and used quickly is a high priority to achieve this.

Our Digital Mailroom not only saves you money and significantly optimizes processing times, but also boosts your employee and customer satisfaction. Despite increased throughput due to automation, there is still sufficient time to handle the important cases and areas of work.

Benefits of the Digital Mailroom

Quick processing

Book-to-bill ratio optimization

Automated distribution

Data is the lifeblood of companies

The trick is to find a way to extract relevant, interesting information from the constant flow of data, to direct it, and to use it purposefully. These processes can be automated at your company using the Digital Mailroom. Unlike most tools, the Tungsten Automation solution handles the entire document management process.

Data is the lifeblood of companies

What does the Digital Mailroom offer in practice?

Transparency and insight

The Digital Mailroom lets you realize internal control, transparency and clear responsibilities as well as legal regulations easily.

Erhöhung der Kundenzufriedenheit

Radically reduced response times give your employees more time for personalized customer service - this is how the Digital Mailroom improves your customer service effectively.

Ensures compliance

As soon as a document is entered into the organization, the automation creates a thread; this helps you to ensure compliance with regulations.

Intelligent automation platform for the digital mailroom


Download detailed information about the Intelligent Automation Platform from Kofax.

The Digital Mailroom is part of a comprehensive office automation concept from Tungsten Automation, the Intelligent Automation Platform, the components of which can be implemented individually.

Tungsten Intelligent Automation is a software platform that transforms information-intensive operations end-to-end – ideal for managers and IT leaders who need to use artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), and other digital technologies to improve the capacity and performance of their operations. It streamlines processes, reduces manual work and errors, minimizes costs, and ensures compliance. It also allows companies to improve customer engagement and opens up new opportunities.

As a Tungsten Automation Platinum Partner, we have been implementing projects in the digitization of information management and business processes for over 25 years.

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