Public administration – efficient clerical processing and process optimization

Tamper-proofing and legal compliance
Improved community services
More efficient work processes

What it’s all about

Germany is going digital. Electronic document management is currently a hot topic in public administration (“Digital Administration 2020” government program) and the judiciary (e-Justice Act on electronic legal transactions). Banks and insurance companies are also leveraging the benefits of e-files when it comes to compliance, availability, and efficiency.

But what changes in document and information capture processes are necessary, and what upstream processes are advisable?
Documents such as digital inquiries, paper-based forms and much more have to be added to e-files through various input channels. In addition to existing digital documents such as emails, one of the challenges is capturing the large quantities of paper documents that are still prevalent, using professional document scanners.

How we can help you

Our solutions extract the necessary information and transfer it directly to the specialist application used – quickly and efficiently.

softgate has been supporting public authorities with their digital transformation for many years. Individual modular components as well as comprehensive document management solutions allow you to digitize and optimize your processes.
Our satisfied customers include numerous ministries in Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Hesse.

Your benefits

Tamper-proofing and legal compliance

with processing and archiving using our solutions

Improved community services

with simple digital processes and resources

Efficient clerical processing

thanks to information at the touch of a button and digital documents

Transparent cost reduction

with more efficient work processes

Compatibility with specialized applications

seamless solution integration into the IT infrastructure

Regulatory compliance

years of project experience in the regulatory environment

Thomas Ebeling

Sales Consultant

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