Medical software engineering

Software for medical devices and applications

Software is an essential component of many devices and systems in medicine. It is needed to control devices, take measurements or images, display data, and connect to other systems.

Our services – support straight to the point

Certified development in accordance with ISO 13485

Agile development teams

Image processing



Cloud applications

Connection to the cloud, IoMT

Data analysis

Artificial intelligence

Thanks to our extensive project expertise built up over many years, we can develop different applications on a targeted basis. As an ISO 13485- and ISO 9001-certified manufacturer, we operate on various levels, such as interfaces, GUI or cloud connections.

Our qualified development teams undertake the development work for medical software on your behalf. We cover the entire spectrum of services – from analysis, development, and testing to commissioning, support, and maintenance.


We specialize in developing software in C++ and C#. We are experts in Windows and Linux.


  • Multidisciplinary agile development teams
  • We work with modern development tools
  • Assumption of responsibility for developing complete systems and modules
  • Development in line with our own QMS or the customer’s QMS

We offer development and advice

What we have achieved for our customers

DICOM for a 3D surgical microscope
Development of a DICOM solution for a digital surgical microscope from a leading German manufacturer: Loading, categorizing, ordering, and sorting DICOM data Display of DICOM images in their original format…
Multispectral optoacoustic tomography
A manufacturer of an ultrasound device commissioned us to optimize the algorithms for 3D reconstruction for MSOT (multispectral optoacoustic tomography) – a method for analyzing absorption in pharmaceutical research. For…

Peter Nix

Medical Solutions Team Leader

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