Energy sector and
municipal utilities

All information in a matter of seconds
Centralized and decentralized information capture
Short- or medium-term ROI

What it’s all about

The flood of paper and information, legal regulations to increase transparency, and the urgent need to access stored knowledge quickly and securely at any time are making electronic document archiving a high priority. This form of archiving makes it easy to handle and distribute information within the company.
Comprehensive solutions can increase efficiency and speed throughout information management for energy companies. The large number of documents and digital data, such as connection to/disconnection from the power supply, meter reading cards, or bills, contain masses of information. This applies from the capture of information to research, to the provision of the required documents. Permissions can be taken into account and provision is possible worldwide via the internet.

How we can help you

softgate offers digitization solutions from a single source: Whether it’s a case of the centralized or decentralized capture of potentially paper-based documents (such as delivery notes or orders) or digital information (emails, product information) – all information carriers are captured and channeled. The powerful capture software extracts the relevant data and transfers it to the specialized applications used (e.g., SAP). This means that all information is available to every stakeholder in a matter of seconds. Orders for time-critical raw materials and products can be processed at company headquarters just as easily as delivery notes in local branches.

Your benefits

Information in a matter of seconds

for efficient and well-founded decision-making processes

Short- or medium-term ROI

through process optimization for your company

High customer satisfaction

High customer satisfaction

through rapid case management processing

Centralized and decentralized capture

for integrating branch offices

Tamper-proofing and legal compliance

by using our solution for processing and archiving

Integration and compatibility

thanks to powerful interfaces and web-based application

Routine tasks in public utilities that can be automated with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Transfer of data such as connections/disconnections from external to internal systems
  • Automatic adjustment of data provided online by customers in internal systems
  • Automated processing of meter readings (online and offline) and checking for discrepancies
  • Import and export of reading orders
  • Scanning and automated processing of SEPA mandates
  • Automated mail distribution and provision of a digital inbox for incoming mail
  • Assistance with assigning documents in the digital inbox (e.g., assignment to the relevant clerk)
  • Validation in the sales workflow (tariff allocation)
  • Activation of web users for customer portals if this has failed (various checks – activation if criteria are met)
  • Notifications of change of address (online, letter, email) and other customer notifications, with transfer to SAP ISU

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