Our partners

Global competition and new technologies are changing markets on a daily basis. To do address this fact, softgate collaborates with companies and network partners both in the technological and sales sectors.


Bayern Innovativ

Bayern Innovativ is a knowledge manager, driving force, and accelerator of innovation. Our vision is a Bavaria in which every viable idea and technology becomes an innovation.


Bayerische Telemedallianz acts as a point of contact for all activities in the field of telemedicine, e-health, and health telematics. As a neutral competence platform, BTA initiates, coordinates, and networks telemedicine initiatives and projects in Germany and beyond.


Bitkom is the digital association of Germany. Founded in 1999, we now represent more than 2,700 companies in the digital economy, including more than 1,000 SMEs, over 500 start-ups, and almost all global players.
Bitkom is strongly committed to the digitization of the economy, society, and public administration. Our aim is to accelerate the expansion of gigabit networks and digital infrastructures for energy and mobility, for trade and smart homes, for cities and regions. We support policies for data-driven business models, protection and security, platform models, disruptive technologies and Work 4.0. We also back education for the digital world: in schools, universities and – something which is increasingly important – new forms of life-long education.


The ZIM network “DigiServ”, which is funded by the BMWi (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) and coordinated by EurA AG, is a development network that aims to structure and automate processes in the services sector, reducing service costs and developing new digital business models.


HEITEC stands for industrial competence in automation, digitalization and electronics and offers solutions, products and services. With technically high-quality, reliable and economical system solutions, HEITEC supports over 2000 customers in increasing their productivity and optimizing their products.

INSYS icom

Secure data communication and networking in industrial applications is the core competence of INSYS icom. With intelligent hardware and software solutions ranging from routers and gateways to managed services, you can remotely reach machines, equipment, and other devices and transmit their operating data.

Medical Valley

Medical Valley is a leading international innovation ecosystem in the healthcare sector.

OR.NET e.v

softgate has joined the OR.NET association to support the development of software for medical networking. As a member of the association, softgate is committed to the introduction of standards to enable the interoperability of medical devices and system


We are a partner of QNX.


Many years of industry experience in medical technology, extensive know-how about processes, methodology, product development and manufacturing make Solectrix a strong partner in the development and production of customized solutions for innovative medical and IVD products.

Electronic components, software and FPGA modules, but also complete medical devices and systems, standard compliant, efficient and individual complete the portfolio.


The aim of the ZIM network “Vital Monitoring“, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and coordinated by EurA AG, is to develop new sensor and measurement technologies for recording physiological parameters, both in the medical field and in the consumer segment. The partners from industry and research are working together on a development roadmap. After approval, this will be implemented within the framework of funded projects. EurA AG coordinates the activities and keeps the administrative effort for the other partners to a minimum.

Technical sector


softgate is a certified reseller for professional document scanners from Canon.


softgate is a certified reseller for durable storage solutions such as SilentCube and SilentBricks from FAST LTA.


softgate has been a partner of Ferber-Software for many years. A tried-and-tested interface connects the industry-leading debt collection software IKAROS from Ferber to softgate-archiv.


softgate is a certified reseller for professional document scanners from RICOH.


HEISAB GmbH is a high-performance partner of SAP SE and offers innovative solutions and comprehensive technology know-how around the digitalization and mobilization of business processes.


The softgate-archiv document management system from softgate is certified for the iCAS storage solution from iTernity GmbH.

Kodak alaris

softgate is a Kodak elite partner for professional document scanners from Kodak alaris.


As a long-standing certified Kofax Titanium Partner, softgate successfully implements Kofax’s broad range of solutions in a wide variety of fields and customer projects.


softgate is a Microsoft Certified Partner.


softgate is a partner of Oracle.


OpenLimit’s digital signature solutions ensure documents are commercially viable and legally compliant, and complement both Kofax software and softgate-archiv perfectly.


secrypt GmbH offers software solutions for legally compliant e-signatures, e-seals, and timestamps, taking into account the legal framework (e.g., EU eIDAS regulation). The solutions complement both Kofax software and softgate-archiv perfectly.

INCOM Storage GmbH

Hybrid storage systems and optical storage media from INCOM Storage GmbH for the digital archiving of documents and data with softgate-archiv comply with legal requirements and protect your business-critical information securely and reliably.

TCG Process GmbH

TCG Process GmbH is a technology leader in the fields of input management and business process automation. On a process platform, TCG offers solutions for working on-premises and in the cloud with the help of artificial intelligence and self-learning robots. TCG Process offers highly integrable standard solutions for the automated processing of incoming invoices, orders, order confirmations, and delivery notes for companies in the healthcare sector, public administration, industry, and trade. International companies from the insurance and banking sector digitally map complex and holistic incoming mail processes with TCG solutions. TCG Process GmbH is part of the international TCG Group with companies in Germany and Switzerland as well as Australia, Brazil, Chile, Japan, Canada, Poland, Portugal, and the USA.

Sales Partnerships

DataSafe Service

DataSafe Service GmbH is an expert partner for implementing digitization projects. As a service provider in the field of legacy file digitization and digital incoming and outgoing mail processing, DataSafe works with state-of-the-art technology that guarantees high quality and data security. The portfolio is topped off by dedicated and multi-client capable capture and document management systems, which DataSafe offers as Software as a Service (SaaS) tailored to the customer.


The software house Forcont, which specializes in enterprise content management, offers field-proven applications for digital personnel management and contract management, among other things.


INOBA GmbH offers SAP add-on components from Kofax (Readsoft) for process automation in SAP for SMEs and corporations – the perfect additions to Kofax projects.