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Medical device manufacturers must integrate their products seamlessly with IT. Regulatory requirements as well as users demand optimal interoperability and seamless information flow to enhance patient care and safety.

Functioning interfaces are increasingly an essential and an obligatory procurement criterion.

Why this is the case and how it works is explained by Connectivity Consultant – Markus Sabin.

Interfaces overview

The standard is designed to cover all events in the hospital in corresponding messages. However, this requires a high degree of adaptability (application worldwide and different workflows), since the standard requirements are quite general. HL7® interfaces are therefore generally not plug&play and must be adapted to local conditions during integration in a particular hospital. The message exchange approaches had been state of art in the past millennium and seem odd to contemporary software developers.

Used mainly for devices that:

  • Innerhalb des Krankenhaus-Netzwerkes installiert sind
  • Keine Bild- oder Videodaten erzeugen


  • Supported in practically every HIS/EMR

The Challenge:

  • The message exchange approaches had been state of art in the past millennium and seem odd to contemporary software developers.
  • Implementing cybersecurity with HL7® in a major challenge because the standard itself does not address this.
  • Requires End- customer specific adjustments and appropriate project management


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