Software for image acquisition, processing, and display

Optimal image quality as a cornerstone of patient treatment

For a large number of medical devices, an image source is the basis. When developing a medical device, the quality of the image source is therefore crucial to succeed on the market. Since there are limits to pure image acquisition by camera systems, the use of software for image preprocessing, quality control, and image post-processing is an important component. Use this technology to achieve optimal image quality for your medical device.

Thanks to our extensive project expertise built up over many years, we can develop software for optimizing image quality on a targeted basis. As an ISO 13485- and ISO 9001-certified manufacturer, we operate with a wide range of technologies and adapt to custom environments.

This, combined with our experience in handling safety-critical medical applications up to Safety Class C (IEC 62304), makes us a strong, reliable partner for developing and advising on customized solutions. To top it all, we also create specifications at all levels of the development process.

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