Digitization in construction

All information in a matter of seconds
Centralized and decentralized information capture
Short- or medium-term ROI

What it’s all about

The construction sector generates a great deal of information which, like the projects planned, is complex and requires coordination. Since a myriad of specialists usually work on a project, the information must be accessible to all parties involved as quickly and “uniformly” as possible to ensure success.

In addition, legal regulations require construction companies to have more foresight when making investment decisions and call for sustainable information management.

How we can help you

softgate offers digitization solutions from a single source: Whether it’s a case of the centralized or decentralized capture of paper-based documents (such as delivery notes or orders) or information that’s already in digital form (emails, construction drawings) – all information carriers are captured and channeled. The powerful capture software extracts the relevant data and transfers it to the specialized applications used (e.g., SAP). This means that all information is available to every stakeholder in a matter of seconds. Orders for time-critical raw materials can be processed at company headquarters just as easily as delivery notes on the construction site.

Your benefits:

Centralized and decentralized capture

for integrating branch offices into processes

Integration and compatibility

thanks to powerful interfaces and web-based application

All information in seconds

for efficient and well-founded decision-making processes

Short- or medium-term ROI

through process optimization for your company

High customer satisfaction

through rapid case management processing

Digital signature integration

to simplify the entire approval process


“With softgate, we have found a strong partner who can meet our requirements when it comes to Tungsten Automation. softgate has developed various extensions specifically for us for the standard Tungsten Automation components used. If problems come up, we can rely on softgate to provide fast, professional support.”

Andreas Zeitler
Max Bögl GmbH, IT Department

Automated document capture
We established an automated capture and distribution system for incoming mail at Max Bögl’s headquarters and various construction sites. The company: Founded in 1929 by Mr. Max Bögl, the group,…

Sven Kaiser

Bereichsleiter Digital Business

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