Digital document management for debt collection companies

Tamper-proofing and legal compliance
Optimized process management
Customer satisfaction

What it’s all about

Efficient information management through digital processes
The efficient, user-friendly management of all information types is a key success factor at every company. Legal regulations to increase transparency and the need to access stored knowledge as information quickly and securely are increasingly making process optimization a priority.

How we can help you

From automated document capture and information processing to flexible signature solutions and tamper-proof archiving, we can help you digitize your debt collection and receivables management processes – regardless of whether you install the solutions on-premises on your servers or use them as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or in the cloud.

  • Business process digitization and optimization
  • Automation of structured processes
  • E-signature workflows that can be fully integrated
  • Digital tamper-proof archiving with softgate-archiv

A strong connection – softgate-archiv and debt collection software

Ideally, a digital archive can be easily integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and software environment. The version of softgate-archiv specifically tailored to debt collection companies allows you to bring the advantages of a tried-and-trusted DMS (Document Management System) to your debt collection software.As a result, all information from your creditors and debtors, including paper documents, emails, telephone records, pictures, and videos, is kept in one system which you can access directly.By outsourcing all this data to the secure softgate-archiv, your collection solution will typically experience a noticeable increase in performance.

There is a tried-and-trusted, immediately available interface to the IKAROS collection software from Ferber Software, the market-leading industry solution in the debt collection sector. The documents are accessed using IKAROS’s usual system interface.

Tamper-proofing and legal compliance

with processing and archiving using our solutions

Optimized case management

fast processing leads to high customer satisfaction

Scalable and modular software

for potential system growth with your company

Short- or medium-term ROI

by reducing costs with efficient workflows

Integration and compatibility

thanks to powerful interfaces and web-based application

Full integration in IKAROS

with the high-performance interface and background processes

softgate document management for debt collection and receivables management

softgate-archiv DMS system used to boost efficiency
DEBIN Debitorenmanagement and Inkassogesellschaft mbH & Co. KG is a Nuremberg-based company specializing in receivables management. Area of application: Digital archiving and tamper-proof filing with softgate-archiv Seamless integration into the…

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