Use case:
softgate-archiv DMS system used to boost efficiency
Debt collection

Project description

DEBIN Debitorenmanagement and Inkassogesellschaft mbH & Co. KG is a Nuremberg-based company specializing in receivables management.

Area of application:

  • Digital archiving and tamper-proof filing with softgate-archiv
  • Seamless integration into the IKAROS collection solution from Ferber Software

To optimize work processes, DEBIN was looking for a solution that could be quickly and easily integrated into IKAROS, the collection software from Ferber Software. The company wanted to boost the efficiency of its workflows, which up until then were carried out entirely manually with a single-workstation-based DMS system that was not linked to IKAROS. For example, if clerks needed to request files, long retrieval times had to be factored in for obtaining files from the paper archive, and the clerks were unable to access the files directly. It was also clear that the paper archive would end up full to capacity if the solution used then was continued in the long term.


In March 2011, the document management system was replaced by softgate-archiv. The tried-and-trusted interface to IKAROS was a crucial factor in this decision. All documents, including ongoing incoming mail, are now stored in softgate-archiv in a tamper-proof manner. Thanks to the fact that softgate-archiv is closely integrated with IKAROS, users simply work with the usual IKAROS interface they are familiar with, eliminating the hassle of switching between two different applications. Intuitive operation allowed the solution to be launched quickly and easily, and it has been readily accepted by users.


The use of softgate-archiv has produced significant time savings for archiving and processing incoming and outgoing mail. Employees previously involved in archiving can now use some of their freed-up time to help with clerical processing. The clerks can now access electronic documents themselves at any time. As a result, in addition to higher personal satisfaction from being able to complete tasks directly, there has also been a noticeable increase in efficiency.


“Close integration with IKAROS and the resulting advantages in terms of functionality and clerical processing optimization were the key factors in our decision to replace our existing system.”

Hanno Weißleder
Managing Director of DEBIN Debitorenmanagement u. Inkassogesellschaft mbH & Co.KG

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