7. April 2021

SOMA for Development

This is what it is all about:

Are you looking for a way to make your machine smart? We would be happy to support you in your efforts. With our scalable software platform SOMA, we are your development partner when it comes to the digitization of machines and components.

This is how we can support you:

To its full extent, our SOMA platform can collect, process, store, prepare and visualize data from a wide variety of sources. Thanks to our modular system, implementation of specific topics according to your needs is possible.

We deliver prefabricated or customer-specific software modules as binary / DLL or else as source code for your own further development for the target platform of your choice.

With our expertise, we are happy to support you in the integration of SOMA modules on your target system.


Easy integration due to many interfaces High compatibility with many systems Starts where your code ends Customized collaboration

The SOMA platform is a scalable software platform that enables individual integration of the following topics in form of binaries or source code:

Data Acquisition
Data storage & data forwarding
Analyze / Evaluate
Visualize & Alert

The schematic representation of the component structure

Data acquisition:

Configurable connection of e.g.:

  • PLC controllers, industrial PCs via Ethernet, OPC UA or bus system.
  • Sensors (analog, digital), e.g. via Beckhoff® terminal
  • Vibration analyses, time series analyses
  • HW monitoring
  • Scaling of analog values

 Datenspeicherung & Datenweiterleitung:

  • Support of various platforms, e.g. cloud (private/public) or local (at the machine, on company server) via Windows or Linux operating system
  • Data storage & management of live data, historical data, and events
  • Database adapters for InfluxDB, MongoDB, MS-SQL, and mySQL
  • Configurable data forwarding to external systems via OPC UA and MQTT

Analyze / Evaluations:

The “heart” of the SOMA platform are the analysis modules:

  • Configurable reception of data structures
  • Configurable forwarding of data and events to other applications
  • Available data analyses (excerpt):
    • ISO 10816, damage frequencies, FFT, H-FFT etc.
    • Threshold monitoring (-> traffic light system)
    • Health status for easy interpretation of maintenance needs
    • Energy monitoring
    • Curve Fitting Index for general measurement curve comparison
    • Cyclic reference measurements
    • Function approximation for trend calculations (polynomial interpolation etc.)
    • Customer-specific analyses possible via interface / source code / template
    • OEE calculation
    • Customer-specific analyses (on request)

Visualize & Alert:

The visualization of data and events is available via web server in a responsive design and can be configured or extended according to customer requirements.

  • Access via web browser from any device
  • Configurable traffic light system based on threshold values
  • Dynamic maintenance plan
  • Notification via e-mail, SMS, dashboard, or signal lamp adjustable
  • APP for smartphones in planning
  • Expandable portfolio of input and output elements based on Angular and ASP .NET Core, e.g.:
    • Tabular lists, Gauges
    • HeatMap, time charts (2D)
    • PieCharts, BarCharts, EventCharts
    • Reports

Partnership & Cooperation

The cooperation between your development department and softgate can be customized as well.

We offer the following opportunities:

  • Turnkey prototype development based on your requirements, e.g. using agile development process
  • Creation of an interface to your applications
  • Development and integration of selected SW libraries
  • Development or delivery of selected SW libraries or binaries for your own integration
  • Development of SW libraries incl. delivery of the source code for independent further development of the libraries