Minimal regulatory requirements
Competitive edge through integration
Cost-effective pay-per-device model

softgate introduces: 7connect, the HL7® library that significantly facilitates the integration of an HL7® interface for manufacturers of medical devices. 7connect was developed according to ISO 13485 and safety class C according to IEC 62304. Therefore, 7connect complies with the highest possible safety class for medical product software! This way, 7connect can be integrated even in critical medical products.

We are proud to announce that our first customers’ integration is already well advanced and there will follow up integration projects in various hospitals.

Markus Sabin

“There are different standards to connect devices, all of which have their special features. HL7® is the relevant standard for connecting non-imaging devices to patients’ records. We at softgate, being experts in connecting devices, are frequently asked about products that ensure the connectivity of medical devices in an easy way”, says Markus Sabin, product manager at softgate.

HL7® is very complex and therefore not a plug and play standard. It needs configurations for different clinical environments. To make this easier, softgate now has the product that disburdens manufacturers of changing their device software for adapting to different integrations: 7connect. As soon as the integration into the device is done, it does not need to be changed. Each device adapts per its configuration to the local HL7® environment. That makes connecting devices and patients’ records faster. Hospitals and manufacturers take another large step towards digitization. The relevance of this has been highlighted once again in Germany with the Future of Hospitals Act

*HL7® is the registered trademark of Health Level Seven International. Use of this trademark does not constitute an endorsement from HL7.