let’s connect, virtually and seamlessly

connyV makes it possible to centralize the patients data in the hospital without changing their interface. This is possible by the outsourcing interface to connyV, a virtual machine. Uncompromising interoperarbility only with one interface – lets connect, virtually and seamlessly.

Perfect Interoperability with only one single interface – let’s connect, virtually and seamlessly.

It`s our pleasure to introduce you to connyV. Our new software from our connectivity product line for integrating medical devices into clincal information systems.

Medical device manufactures today need to seamlessly integrate their product with clincal IT to optimize data exchange. The legal requirements like Germany’s hospital futures act intend to improve interoperability and seamless information flow to enhance patient safety

ConnyV is the answer to this challenge

Conny V picks up the medical device at its proprietary interface. It translates its data into the preferred „language“ of the systems in the hospital. The interface is to connyV –  a virtual machine. This saves time, resources and registration if required.


What makes it so special is that the several devices share only one interface. That way new devices can also be connected later on. This is especially interesting for manufactureres that have multiple systems installed in the hospital.

End users such as hospitals and doctor‘s offices benefit from from connyV as well. ConnyV creates a bridge between IT and the network device, this can be used by multiple equipment instead of connecting each device directly to the IT network.

connyV is the central hub for device data.

connyV opens up new opportunities for the medical device industry. This is a new way how medical devices are now able to communciate and exchange data. It simplifies the integration of the diverse device landscape and ensures that hospitals and device manufacturers effortlessly meet interoperability requirements.