Use case:
Implementing Secure Software Development Lifecycle for a Medical Device Manufacturer
Medical field:
interventional radiology
STRIDE for Threat modelling, Polarion, Nessus vulnerability scanner, SCAP, STIGs, C# and Powershell

Project description

We collaborate with a leading medical device manufacturer to implement a Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC), ensuring compliance with FDA and DoD standards. This includes:

  • Security Requirements: Define and implement security requirements for Windows systems used in deployment
  • Threat Modeling: Systematically identify and assess potential security threats and define appropriate controls to mitigate risks
  • Vulnerability Scanning and Management: Conduct regular vulnerability assessments and apply patches and updates to manage and mitigate risks
  • Regulatory Support: Provide detailed documentation, compliance evidence, and audit preparation to meet FDA and DoD standards.


  • SDLC as part of product development process
  • Support in all important process steps

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