Use case:
Digital mail processing
  • Tungsten Enterprise solution for a volume of 600K images/year
  • Tungsten Transformation modules
  • Tungsten VRS for image enhancement
  • Tungsten WatchDog for license monitoring (tool developed by softgate)

Project description

In 2015, dm-drogerie markt subsidiary dmTECH GmbH (formerly FILIADATA GmbH) decided to start using the Tungsten Automation solution centrally for delivery notes from the beginning of 2016.

dmTECH GmbH is responsible for developing and supporting the application systems and IT landscape within the retail company. With more than 500 employees, dmTECH develops and supports the information systems for all European branches as well as for branch support services.


Area of application:

  • Automated document capture (e.g., for delivery notes) with the Tungsten Capture scan module
  • Document preparation and OCR recognition for delivery note processing by Tungsten Transformation modules

To fully digitally map incoming document processes, a solution was found with softgate to create the necessary infrastructure and conditions for electronically capturing documents at a suitable location centrally and locally (for branches) and for making the documents available digitally for further processing.


In the solution, two Tungsten Automation servers are redundantly equipped with Tungsten Automation software, allowing them to handle the daily volume of documents quickly and efficiently by using parallel processing. The relevant department scans documents directly into the Kofax application via the Tungsten Capture Scan module, enabling employees to visually check delivery note documents. If the quality of the documents received is consistent, it is possible to gradually switch to automatic processing. Thanks to the stacking option, there is no need to pre-sort the paper documents during scanning.


The Tungsten Automation solution used is being supported and maintained by softgate. The company plans to roll out the digitization of paper documents even further.


  • Document volumes managed quickly and efficiently
  • No more annoying routine work

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Sven Kaiser

Digital Business Team Leader