Use case:
Integration of a DICOMconnect interface for the integration of medical image data into the clinical workfolw
Fluorescence Imaging Modality
DICOMconnect, Fluorescence Imaging Modality

Project description

To enable medical professionals’ faster access to the medical image data from Fluobeam® medical device (a fluorescence imaging modality), Fluoptics® needed a DICOMconnect interface. Fluoptics® chose our plug-and-play solution, DICOMconnect, to realize their project with the highest efficiency and the support of our experts.

With DICOMconnect, Fluobeam® ‘s software regularly receives an updated list of clinical orders for the device. It subsequently converts image and video data and transfers them to the central image archive (PACS). If required, this communication can be encrypted and use certificate-based authentication of the communication partners.

No deep DICOM expertise is required to integrate softgate’s solution, as the software library can be integrated into the system software via a user-friendly API provided by our developers.

By integrating DICOMconnect, Fluobeam® seamlessly integrates with the existing medical ecosystem at Fluoptics®’ customers.

Fluoptics® recognizes the importance of standardization and interoperability in medical technology and exemplifies how patient care can be significantly improved through the use of software solutions such as DICOMconnect.

Advantage of interface integration

By integrating DICOMconnect into Fluoptics® devices, medical professionals can access and analyze medical image data more quickly and efficiently. This significantly enhances the integration of Fluobeam® medical devices into the clinical workflow, leading to faster diagnoses and treatments for patients.

Benefits for Fluoptics:

softgate holds an ISO 13485 certified quality management. The interface is developed according to IEC 62304 Safety Class B. This makes the regulatory documentation part of the product and avoids, in the case of Fluoptics®, the integration of Software of Unknown Provenance (SOUP).


„ sofgate’s involvement in our development projects has enabled us to find dedicated solutions while respecting our R&D schedule and thus secured our time to market. Their continuous technical support during the whole project as well as the documentation provided have been of great value.


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