Use case:
Wireless bearing and machine monitoring with SOMA

Project description

On the basis of our SOMA platform, a modular and scalable edge device was developed as a prototype for monitoring bearing and machine components using wireless sensors for a well-known Japanese bearing manufacturer. Based on the customer requirements, the state of the art was determined and a functional specification created. The hardware was selected on the basis of the specification requirements. The chosen option was a Beckhoff® IPC C6030 (edge device) and a gateway from Pepperl+Fuchs to set up a secure wireless network for connecting wireless sensors, such as vibration sensors.

The following test setup was used on the customer’s test bench (bearing monitoring) to benchmark wireless and wired sensors:
The visualization in SOMA shows a selection of the test data recorded:

The benchmarking of wired and wireless sensors showed no quality differences in the detection of defects in prepared test specimens (different bearings).

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