24. February 2021

Predictive Maintenance

This is what it is all about: This is how we can support you:
Predictive Maintenance allows condition-based service life and maintenance forecast based on machine data. Sensors or the PLC of the machines provide a large number of data to be collected, processed, and stored. Analyses will help to translate the archived data into a “state of health” of the machine. We supply turnkey software and hardware solutions from a single source, entirely according to your ideas – from simple to highly complex.

Ihre Vorteile: Predictive Maintenance mit SOMA


Reducing costs

Identify and eliminate weak spots before damage occurs, avoid unnecessary maintenance costs.

Strengthening trust with your customer

Prevent downtimes, reliable production.

Saving resources

Perform maintenance when it is really needed

Planning for the long-term

Continuous monitoring of machine life.

This technology is behind your journey to more efficient production:

Based on the collected data and the underlying prediction model, the software creates a clear presentation of the maintenance requirements in form of a traffic light system, depending on customizable threshold values. This technology does not require any model knowledge and thus minimizes misinterpretations.

The system will send maintenance recommendations or alerts to the maintenance staff in charge via text message or e-mail. In addition, you can monitor all current and historical data as well as the remaining service life of the components in a configurable dashboard on any end device via a browser. By a click of the button, you can create a dynamic maintenance schedule

Creation of data: A bus system, machine PLC, or external sensors collect the data via the SOMA Edge Devices (industrial computers). Data preprocessing and parameter evaluation take place on the SOMA Edge Devices, minimizing data transfer to the server for long-time archiving.
The data collection components we can set up for you as a retrofit.
Data collection: The SOMA Edge Devices deliver the collected data to a central server of your choice (cloud or on premise) which is responsible for long-term archiving. Data is accessed via the SOMA web server using a standard browser, e.g. Google Chrome.
Data visualization: The analysis and evaluation models, e.g. on the topics of Predictive Maintenance, process data, or energy monitoring, are configured according to customer needs and made available via the SOMA web server. The associated visualization will be individually configured, based on your machines and data to ensure a high level of user convenience.

The SOMA Platform Further benefits at a glimpse:
You can integrate SOMA into your manufacturing landscape (MES/ERP) individually. SOMA can be adapted to your growing requirements due to its very good scalability – starting with monitoring via operating hours counter up to high-resolution sensor data.

We use a modular design: You only purchase and pay for what you need immediately for your production or maintenance.

Cost-efficient retrofit of functions thus is possible without any problems. Your digitalization can develop with you.

  • Minimizing of unplanned downtimes
  • Optimizing OEE
  • Scalable SOMA Edge Devices for individual data collection
  • Central long-term data archiving in the cloud or on premise
  • Scalable analyses and data visualization vie SOMA web server
    e.g. for the monitoring from a single machine to your whole machinery
  • Configurable traffic light and messaging system


For demonstration and testing of our SOMA platform, we are able to provide you with our Predictive Maintenance evaluation system upon request.

Learn more about SOMA here .