Kofax software

Document capture and automated document management with Kofax software

As a long-standing Kofax Titanium partner, we have extensive expertise and can give you professional advice on fast, automated, secure document, data, and information capture.

You can find information below on:

  • Kofax solutions
  • Components developed by softgate for Kofax Capture
  • Enhancement packages developed by softgate for Kofax TotalAgility

Kofax RPA

Robotic process automation

Kofax TotalAgility

Business process management

More information:
PDF Datasheet on Kofax TotalAgility
PDF Technical Specification on Kofax TotalAgility

Can be extended with our enhancement packages listed below.

Kofax Capture

Digitization & document capture

More information:
PDF Datasheet on Kofax Capture
PDF Technical Specification on Kofax Capture

Can be extended with our components listed below.

Kofax Transformation

Information extraction

Kofax Mobile Capture

Mobile information capture

Kofax VRS Elite

Digital image optimization

Kofax Insight and Monitor

Browser-based analytics and system monitoring

Kofax Express

Stand-alone capture solution

Expansion of Kofax solutions with components developed by softgate

To give an existing Kofax solution even more input, softgate has developed a wide range of components over the course of its long-standing partnership with Kofax. There are differences between connecting to the traditional Kofax solutions (Kofax Capture) and the new platforms such as Kofax TotalAgility (KTA).

For KTA, we have developed basic processes, known as enhancement packages, for various areas. These are preconfigured subprocesses that have yet to be customized to the customer’s individual requirements through services. Enhancement packages can be integrated quickly into processes that are under development, accelerating their completion.

softgate KC License WatchDog

Kofax Capture
environment monitoring
(developed by softgate)

softgate components for extending Kofax Capture

  • softgate KC Export Connector softgate-archiv
  • softgate KC Export Connector IKAROS
  • softgate KC Export Connector OpenText
  • softgate KC Export Connector ERP
  • softgate KC Export Connector Advanced TXT/CSV
  • softgate Scan & Barcode Panel
  • softgate KC Basic rules for capturing enforcement orders
  • softgate KC Basic rules for invoice capture

softgate enhancement packages for extending Kofax KTA

softgate has produced basic processes for extending KTA for

  • Connecting IKAROS
  • Connecting softgate-archiv
  • Reading court invoices
  • Reading enforcement orders
  • Volume consumption
  • Reading invoices

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